Saturday, 13 July 2013

Shoe showcase

I thought I would try introduce a new feature to the blog in which each week I share with you a few pairs from my shoe collection. 

Please let me know if this is a post you would like to see and if so how you would like the shoes to be photographed...the shoe by itself or the shoe on the foot or maybe both?

As a little intro to the feature here are a few snaps of a few recent additions. 

Love label Streisand boots. 

Iron fist superbitches shotguns

Matalan wedges

Hello Kitty Vans (how cute is that box!)

Please let me know what you think of the feature, is it something you would like to see? Are you a fan of shoes?



  1. Omg Hello kitty vans? That's amazing. The first pair are spectacular too, if only I could wear shoes that tall without bashing my head on the ceiling Haha. I like the idea of nosing at more of your collection very much :-). X

    1. I know, I fell in love when I saw them so the other half treated me to them along with the iron fist too! (Lucky girl I am)
      I'm guessing your very tall then?
      Love that you like the idea of the feature, I shall work on making it a weekly post! X

  2. I love the Iron Fist ones they are gorgeous and aww how cute are the Hello Kitty...I am a massive Hello Kitty fan. x

    1. I love Iron fist, these are my 12th pair.
      You have to love the Hello Kitty! :) I fell in love when I saw these shoes! Xx

  3. Love it, I've been lusting after the Iron Fist ones in the same style but with the little lambs all over, such a cute print. Love the first boots too.

    1. Ooh yes, I have those too! The shotgun style is so comfy, I have them in orange polka dot too!
      I can't wait to wear the first pair, just waiting for the weather to cool down as I think my feet may be a little too warm in them at the mo! Xx


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