Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Avon Apricot and Shea Spritz

Hello lovelies, 
hope your all well! 
Today's post is a product that I discovered a few weeks ago and just had to share. It's amazing how you can fall in love with the simplest of products. I love this so much that I repurchased before my first bottle has run out as I can't bear to be without it!

I'm a big fan of Avon and have always loved their room and linen sprays, however they have recently rebranded them as "fragrance spritz" which can be used on the body. This rebrand saw the introduction of a new scent apricot and shea. 

This is honestly the most beautiful smelling spray I have smelt in my life! I'm seriously in love with it, so much so that I have often found myself skipping the perfume and relying merely on the whiff of this! It smells divine, almost good enough to eat. A few spritzes is enough to scent the whole body and leaves a yummy apricot/peachy scent, with regards to the Shea butter my nose can't pick much of that coming through. 

The good thing with this spray too is that it's small enough to pop in your bag for a pick me up during the day. A quick spray is also refreshing during the warmer weather we've been having recently. I've also not experienced any leaking whilst spraying or storing in my bag and the cap is nice and secure with a good 'click' so it doesn't keep popping off in your bag. 

The second bonus is that if you like to "layer" your fragrance there is a shower gel available in the same scent which smells equally amazing! 

The major bonus is its super cheap! It's currently included in a 4 for £5 offer available online or from your local rep. 

Have you tried any of the fragrance spritz? Do you have an "Avon lady"? What are your top recommendations from Avon?



  1. I love Avon stuff - would you recommend getting them from a rep or off a website? The prices are the same on either right?

    1. I believe the prices are the same on both. I can't comment on their website as I have never used it, I only ever order from my local rep. X

  2. just placed an order for every scent they had twice.. 99p what a steal.
    nice post :)


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