Monday, 5 August 2013

Recent Purchases

Hey guys,
I thought I'd show you a few of my recent purchases from the last week or so. I've been really holding back on the purse strings recently as I've been living off my savings whilst hunting for a job. However after hearing the good news on Monday that I'd been offered a science technician position that I'd interviewed for earlier that day, I decided I could allow myself to be a little more relaxed with my spending. 

I didn't go mad and bought mainly things that I needed. 

If you follow me on Facebook you will have seen that I mentioned about the fab offer internacionale have on their boots at the moment - selling them off for a mere £4! I've been on the hunt for a pair of black ankle boots so I snapped the first  pair up from the Wigan branch and the second pair from my local store in Salford. 

I'm not really one for plain shoes to be honest, however a pair of flat smart black shoes is something everyone needs right? The pair I had had taken a complete bashing in the rain and had developed a crack in the sole so we had to part ways. I picked up this pair for £6 down from £12 in Primark. They are wide fit with a slightly padded insole which means they should be a little kinder to my feet which are constantly cut up by flats - give me a pair of heels any day! However I felt that these were much needed for my new job as it is in a school so I'll have to dress a little smarter I'm guessing. 

Another thing I decided I needed to buy for my new job was a watch. Now I already have a few watches however I don't want to wear something like my Gold DKNY watch to work only for it to get ruined in the lab. This was perfect as the face wasn't too big and it was cute too! I also received 10% student discount (valid till Oct so I'm making the most of it!) making it a bargain £8.99.

I love me a pair of patterned tights, the first pair were in the sale so I couldn't not have them right? I already have the heart pair however I snagged them a little the first time I wore them so decided to get a back up pair. 

I was initially attracted to the print of this USB, when I saw the price I was even more attracted! I seem to have misplaced my spongebob USB I used throughout uni so I figured for £2.41 this was a good investment as you never know when you may need a USB. 
Whilst in Primark I also couldn't resist treating myself to some new pjs, many of mine are too big. I was instantly attracted to these elmo bottoms; they're cuffed at the ankles too which I also like. I did want to get the matching top however the 6-8 was too big for my liking so I opted for a plain white fitted tee from the basic dept (£3). The second pair of bottoms were in the sale for £3; I loved the quirky cat and rabbit print. There was a whole range of bottoms on sale for £3 but I limited myself. I didn't spot if there were any matching tops or not but I decided to pick up another basic tee in red to wear with these bottoms. 

These books were bought from the Oxfam charity shop in Wigan. My mum and I love a ride to Wigan to have a hunt round the 8 charity shops sprinkled round the city centre. We've found many a bargain there, however on this occasion I only came back with 2 books. 
I've seen many books from the shopaholic series in charity shops so I've decided I'm going to pick them up as and when I see them until I have the full collection; typically since I decided this barely anywhere has had them, d'oh! 
Whilst looking at the "K" section I also spotted The Ice Cream Girls; since watching the tv adaptation I have been dying to read the book; I always find the books to be 10x better than screen productions, anyone else agree? I was shocked to have found the book as I was planning on hunting it down in my library. I thought £1.49 was a little more expensive than I would usually pay in charity shop for a book (normally £1 or less) however I couldn't pass it by! 

Finally my actual "celebratory purchase" for my new job were these creepy rose Iron Fist, purchased with the contents of my "shoe fund" (yes I do indeed have a money box dedicated to buying shoes; namely Iron Fist). I recently bought (with the amazon vouchers I was awarded with at uni) the same style of shoe in both colour ways of the Scarie Prarie design (look out for them in a shoe showcase post soon) 

So there we have it, my recent purchases. Have you bought anything exciting recently? Do you enjoy this kind of blog post? Would you like me to feature my buys on the blog more often, whether it be high street/charity shops/car boot?
I have to admit the majority of my new wardrobe additions have been of charity shop origins as of late. 



  1. aw great buys. I missed the Internacionale boot sale, you got a right bargain! x

  2. Wow those boots are amazing.

    1. I know, what a bargain! I'm regretting not picking up a 3rd pair I saw for only £4! Xx

  3. £4? Wow! I love internationale... I'm a classy bird :p Hehe. The celebration shoes are beautiful but I have to say my favourite is that watch....adorable!
    Congrats on the job too.
    Oh and I got the dress yesterday and I'm totally in love Haha (apologies if it got here earlier than that I was away with the guides lol). So thanks :). X

    1. I know, complete bargain! They do have some fab finds at times.
      Thankyou, aww I know the watch really is so cute isn't it.
      Thankyou, I'm looking forward to starting!
      Glad the dress arrived there ok, glad you like it. It really is a gorgeous dress isn't it. Xx

  4. I love the black boots I am after some ones like that! I have read that Shopaholic book its fab. I have the whole series as I love those books x

    1. Hope you manage to find a pair!
      I have read Sophie Kinsella books before so decided I would like to get this series to read as I quite like her writing style xx


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