Monday, 23 September 2013

Specspost sunglasses

I have been wearing glasses since the age of 11. Whilst at school, as bad as my sight was, I was reluctant to wear my glasses other than when I was in class; this was despite the fact that catching the correct bus home meant sticking my hand out for any bus, so I could see if it was the correct number once it had stopped...oops!
Anyway, once I began driving at 17, I let my stubbornness slide and wearing glasses and contact lenses became a 24 hour (minus sleeping of course) thing.

Wearing glasses can often be somewhat a chore, with stylish frames often meaning having to dig deep in those pockets. However, Specsposts is an online store that specialise in providing glasses that are both stylish and affordable (prescription/non-prescription).

I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to receive a pair of glasses from their site. 
Specspost provide a great concept in that you can order upto 3 pairs of frames to try at home, before commiting to a style which you then return via post to be fitted in your prescription.

I opted for the Alicia and Pixie frames, with a tinted lens as I have yet to try a pair of prescription sunglasses. The great thing is, that any of the frames on the site can be fitted with tinted lenses, so you can have any style as a pair of snazzy sunnies. 

Both styles are identical in shape, and have glitter detailing to the shoulders, however Pixie is a pink/purple shade, whilst Alicia is the traditional black. The problem I have now, is deciding which pair to have fitted with my prescription


I seriously can't make my mind up which pair I want, and keep toying between the two!
Which pair would you recommend?

Do you wear glasses? Have you ever considered mail ordering frames?


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Walking on air

Long time, no blog! I started my new job the beginning of this month, so have been a little lapse on the  blogging front whilst I let myself get back into the swing of full time employment.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by, a website that specialises in affordable sports footwear, asking if I would like to select a pair of Nike Free trainers to review. I've heard many a good thing about Nike Frees so I of course jumped at the chance, and boy they don't disappoint.

As you can see I opted for this snazzy pink/purple pair of Nike Free 5.0+ as I like to sport a bit of colour when heading to the gym or to bokwa; my everyday wardrobe is a plethora of colour so why should I stick to the black for the gym? 

I find many ladies gym clothes are often pink/purple and these shoes are the perfect match for my pink Karrimor top. When it comes to choosing gym clothes I like to opt for a breathable material; it avoids any awkard wet bums after I've finished my 10K cycle. I have however, seen many people wearing inappropriate gym attire, including people wearing a wooly hat?
When it comes to a visit to the gym or to bokwa class I am very minimalist with my appearance; I wear no make-up and pop my hair into a plait as it is the most convenient hair style - the length of my hair means a pony tails flaps about too much. I have however, spotted many people wearing a full face of make-up (think night on the tiles), and even wearing their hair down.

With regards to the shoes themselves, I have found them to be amazing! The first thing that suprised me was how weightless they are!! When my parcel arrived, it felt like an empty box.
For those that aren't familiar with the Nike Free concept, the basic jist is that the lower the number, the closest to a fully barefoot running experience the shoe provides. I opted for 5.0 which is recommended for "runners new to a natural ride" as I have never tried a shoe like this before. The slits in the shoe have an 8mm offset but as you can see from the above images, still offer great flexibility.

All in all, I could recommend these shoes enough, they provide comfort and flexibility for your feet, whilst being weightless, and don't feel heavy or clumpy on the feet like some running trainers can.

Do you own a pair of Nike Free trainers? If so what was your experience?
Also, when you work out, what do you prefer to wear? And are you ever tempted to have a tickle with the make-up brushes?


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Winter Wishlist

Yes, I am indeed one of those people who is already planning their winter wardrobe, but lets face it; it's getting colder by the day and soon heading out without a jacket will be a distant memory. 

My usual winter style is dresses with tights, and a chunky cardi, with a pair of boots. However this year, I am craving cute jumpers with jeans and little ankle all I need is to find a pair of jeans that fit properly (a harder task than it sounds!).

Anyway, whilst out and about I've seen many perfect jumpers which I plan on purchasing as soon as I'm successful on my denim quest!!!

Dog Jumper - Dunnes £21
How adorable is this jumper! I tried this on in my local Dunnes store and it looked so nice on, I did try it with a pair of jeggings but they were too slack on the waist and they didn't have any sizes smaller :( The jumper is much more flattering than in this picture too!

Pug Jumper - Tesco - £18
I spotted this jumper in my local tesco and it really is adorable! I love the fleck knit and the extra detailing of the studs to the collar - I haven't tried this on but I'm sure it would look fab!

Cat Jumper - Asos £25 

And of course, been the cat loving lady that I am, no wishlist is complete without a kitty jumper...I adore this Monki jumper with its gold design...cute!

Have you begun planning your Autumn/Winter wardrobe yet?
Also, if you've spotted any good fitting high-waisted jeans without a hefty price tag, please let me know!


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