Sunday, 22 September 2013

Walking on air

Long time, no blog! I started my new job the beginning of this month, so have been a little lapse on the  blogging front whilst I let myself get back into the swing of full time employment.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by, a website that specialises in affordable sports footwear, asking if I would like to select a pair of Nike Free trainers to review. I've heard many a good thing about Nike Frees so I of course jumped at the chance, and boy they don't disappoint.

As you can see I opted for this snazzy pink/purple pair of Nike Free 5.0+ as I like to sport a bit of colour when heading to the gym or to bokwa; my everyday wardrobe is a plethora of colour so why should I stick to the black for the gym? 

I find many ladies gym clothes are often pink/purple and these shoes are the perfect match for my pink Karrimor top. When it comes to choosing gym clothes I like to opt for a breathable material; it avoids any awkard wet bums after I've finished my 10K cycle. I have however, seen many people wearing inappropriate gym attire, including people wearing a wooly hat?
When it comes to a visit to the gym or to bokwa class I am very minimalist with my appearance; I wear no make-up and pop my hair into a plait as it is the most convenient hair style - the length of my hair means a pony tails flaps about too much. I have however, spotted many people wearing a full face of make-up (think night on the tiles), and even wearing their hair down.

With regards to the shoes themselves, I have found them to be amazing! The first thing that suprised me was how weightless they are!! When my parcel arrived, it felt like an empty box.
For those that aren't familiar with the Nike Free concept, the basic jist is that the lower the number, the closest to a fully barefoot running experience the shoe provides. I opted for 5.0 which is recommended for "runners new to a natural ride" as I have never tried a shoe like this before. The slits in the shoe have an 8mm offset but as you can see from the above images, still offer great flexibility.

All in all, I could recommend these shoes enough, they provide comfort and flexibility for your feet, whilst being weightless, and don't feel heavy or clumpy on the feet like some running trainers can.

Do you own a pair of Nike Free trainers? If so what was your experience?
Also, when you work out, what do you prefer to wear? And are you ever tempted to have a tickle with the make-up brushes?



  1. Wondered where you'd disappeared to! (Weirdly I just wrote about you on my blog today (well not you personally that would be weird! But the dress I won from you lol)). Love the colour of those...I need to buysome new shoes for the gym actually, hmm.i can't imagine wearing makeup to the gym, sounds unpleasant! I wear full length leggings and a t shirt plus a pony tail. And I desperately need an arm band for my phone so I can play music without being grid and shoving it down my waistband lol. X

  2. Oh dear apparently I like the sound of my own voice but anyway:
    I've nominated you for the Blog Your Heart Out Award. If you'd like to accept visit my blog at www.katieslostandfound. to see the rules :). x

  3. I have a pair as well, which I've been trying out for the last week or so and I must say I love them! I have not yet found a chance to take a gym outfit photo where I don't look AWFUL, though. So much for looking fashionable whilst in the gym - I must make more effort.

  4. They look great. I have a couple of pairs and I love them, some comfy. I also own some Flyknits but they're not quite the same. Very supportive but the free fit snugger.

    Buckets & Spades


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