Monday, 23 September 2013

Specspost sunglasses

I have been wearing glasses since the age of 11. Whilst at school, as bad as my sight was, I was reluctant to wear my glasses other than when I was in class; this was despite the fact that catching the correct bus home meant sticking my hand out for any bus, so I could see if it was the correct number once it had stopped...oops!
Anyway, once I began driving at 17, I let my stubbornness slide and wearing glasses and contact lenses became a 24 hour (minus sleeping of course) thing.

Wearing glasses can often be somewhat a chore, with stylish frames often meaning having to dig deep in those pockets. However, Specsposts is an online store that specialise in providing glasses that are both stylish and affordable (prescription/non-prescription).

I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to receive a pair of glasses from their site. 
Specspost provide a great concept in that you can order upto 3 pairs of frames to try at home, before commiting to a style which you then return via post to be fitted in your prescription.

I opted for the Alicia and Pixie frames, with a tinted lens as I have yet to try a pair of prescription sunglasses. The great thing is, that any of the frames on the site can be fitted with tinted lenses, so you can have any style as a pair of snazzy sunnies. 

Both styles are identical in shape, and have glitter detailing to the shoulders, however Pixie is a pink/purple shade, whilst Alicia is the traditional black. The problem I have now, is deciding which pair to have fitted with my prescription


I seriously can't make my mind up which pair I want, and keep toying between the two!
Which pair would you recommend?

Do you wear glasses? Have you ever considered mail ordering frames?



  1. I like the Pixie, the shade really suits you.

  2. those sunnies are great! I have some prescription raybans that are a godsend! x

  3. Hi friend, I like your blog. Thanks for giving information about specspost sunglasses. I am looking forward to read more informative topic about affordable eye wear.


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