Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Shoe Showcase #4 - Iron Fist Part 2

Ooops, it seems that my regular feature of "Shoe Showcase" hasn't been all that regular with the last post being the last day in August!
It's unbelievable how long it actually takes to photograph shoes and so has been a task I haven't quite mustered the energy to do after finishing a shift at work, or found the time for either!
However, with a little more free-time due to half term here I am rectifying the situation...yay...shoes!!!

All of these shoes are of the "Shotgun style". With regards to comfort, these are some of the comfiest heels I have ever worn, and are the most comfortable of any of the iron fist shoes I own. The insole of the shoe feels slightly padded and they feel secure on the foot due to the t-bar strap. With regards to sizing, like all Iron Fist shoes, I opted to take these in a size larger than I usually take in shoes. 

Mary Had A T-Bar Platform

How adorable are these little lambs! I actually bought these shoes from New Look, back when they offered Iron Fist as one of their online brands. I had a voucher code for a whopping 50% off and couldn't resist buying these, especially as at the time they hadn't even been released on the Iron Fist website!!!
The one thing that is a little disheartening with these shoes, and that is purely due to the fact we live in England, is that they are made of material, whereas I would prefer them to be imitation leather/patent. This makes me sad as it means I can't wear them as often as I would like as I don't want the typical british rain to ruin the pale grey of the shoe. 
In addition to the obvious sheep detail, there are lots of little extra detailing that adds to the shoe, such as a cute skull dangling from the buckle of the ankle strap and a skull design embossed into the spiked bow at the front of the shoe. The inside of the shoe is also a fabulous coral polka dot/skull print of the same design as these shoes...

Little Lamby T-Bar Platforms
...and this shoe has the cute lamb print on the inside!
These were bought at the same time as the previous pair using the New Look discount code. They have the same skull embossed bow, and skull dangle as the lamb pair. These pair however, are a more practical "wipe-clean" material making them a pair suitable for those rainy days. 

Iron Fist Super Bitches T-Bar Platform
I have to admit that these shoes have already appeared on the blog before, however I couldn't resist showing them off in all their glory. How amazing are they with the cheeky half-naked pics of Poison Ivy, Wonderwoman, Bat Girl and Cat Woman in a pin-up esque style. 
They also have a silky leopard print insole, with a matching undersole.

It really is harder than you would think to take pictures of shoes on your foot (I have no idea how The Shoe Girl Diaries manages on a daily basis!) especially with the poor Autumn lighting, so I've only taken pics of one of the shoes to show how they look on the foot.

Are you happy to see the return of Shoe Showcase?


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Uncommon phone case

A few months ago, Martin treated me to a new phone contract as a graduation present, and so I replaced my sluggish and somewhat slightly battered iPhone 3GS for a shiny new white iPhone 4. 

One thing I often found slightly annoying being the owner of a 3GS, was that nice cases that fit my phone were hard to come by, meaning that towards the end of it's life my phone ended up...naked!

However, there are a plethora of cases available for iPhone 4, and I was lucky enough to be sent this lovely uncommon phone case, courtesy of three mobile.

How adorable are those little owls! The perfect autumnal case; does anyone else associate owls with autumn?

The case clicks onto the phone with ease, and there's no worry of scratching your phone getting the case on and off. There's also a nifty "anti-glare ring" around the camera cut out to improve picture quality.

I've been using this case for 4 weeks now, and it still looks as good as it did the day I put it on! There has been no scuffing of the print, and no colour has transferred onto the case from bags/pockets etc.; I find this can often be a worry with a white case.

Have you ever heard of uncommon phone cases? I would definitely look to them in future for a case, they are slightly pricier than your bog-standard eBay case, but they do say you get what you pay for! 


Sunday, 6 October 2013

A breakthrough

You may remember a few posts back in my winter wish list, I mentioned how I was on the hunt for a pair of jeans that fit as close to perfect as possible. 
Well today I struck luck in good old internacionale and bought myself a cute and casual outfit...something I'm severely lacking in my wardrobe. 

buy here

It's a little difficult to see on this picture but these jeans have "biker detailing" to them making them a little more different to a pair of plain skinny jeans. They appear quite black on this image but are more of a charcoal colour...the perfect shade for this adorable jumper!!! 

buy here
The ultimate cat lady jumper...whilst I have one of my four cats curled up on my knee I can also have this cutey draped over my shoulders! 

The jeans were on a "wow offer" down from £22.99 to £15 whilst the jumper was £22.99, but I received 20% discount. 

Have you been shopping recently? Any fellow crazy cat ladies out there? 

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