Sunday, 6 October 2013

A breakthrough

You may remember a few posts back in my winter wish list, I mentioned how I was on the hunt for a pair of jeans that fit as close to perfect as possible. 
Well today I struck luck in good old internacionale and bought myself a cute and casual outfit...something I'm severely lacking in my wardrobe. 

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It's a little difficult to see on this picture but these jeans have "biker detailing" to them making them a little more different to a pair of plain skinny jeans. They appear quite black on this image but are more of a charcoal colour...the perfect shade for this adorable jumper!!! 

buy here
The ultimate cat lady jumper...whilst I have one of my four cats curled up on my knee I can also have this cutey draped over my shoulders! 

The jeans were on a "wow offer" down from £22.99 to £15 whilst the jumper was £22.99, but I received 20% discount. 

Have you been shopping recently? Any fellow crazy cat ladies out there? 



  1. LOVE that jumper (needless to say!) x

  2. OOOH I like those jeans a lot, the biker detail is like a Topshop pair I lusted over many moons ago. Is there an Internacionale in Manchester?!

  3. good jeans are so hard to find, aren't they? I find it's the laundering that trashes them :(

    1. They are ridiculously difficult to find. I often find many jeans change size throughout a day of wearing and then the same again once washed! xx

  4. Replies
    1. Thankyou! It really is cute, I just wish it could be a little longer. x


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