Sunday, 15 December 2013

Shoe Showcase #5 - Recent Purchases

Hello lovelies,

Hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend. 
Yesterday I headed to Chester with my Mum for a girls day out and had a lovely time. Today however, I have been feeling somewhat under the weather as I am coming down with a stinking cold! Fingers crossed I'm fit and well for Christmas; it's the first Christmas in 5 years where I will have no uni assignments or exams to worry about!

Anyway, to perk myself up, I thought I'd bring you another instalment of shoe showcase and share with you some pics of the newest additions to my collection!

These amazing shoes are from a Facebook run business called Totes Princess. I ordered them back in August when I blogged about my Ariel pair...they were so worth the wait!

These New Look boots are unbelievable sparkly; even more so in real life! They're perfect for the party season and I plan on wearing these on Christmas Day!

Whilst ordering my Christmas Day boots, I couldn't resist popping these into my basket also. I've been dying to add a pair of burgundy boots to my shoe collection (quick pop fact - burgundy is probably my favourite colour!) the fact that they were in the sale sealed the deal! They were from the wide section so I ordered a size 5 rather than my usual 6. 

Are you all set for Christmas now? I've a few more bits to pick up then have to tackle the task of wrapping; thankfully I've made a minor start to that too!

Charlotte xx


  1. Oh Yay I'm so glad you're still doing the shoe posts :). The lion king, I'm very envious! And new look boots are always awesome, don't think I could walk in the black ones though Haha.
    As far as Christmas goes im not even slightly prepared lol. X

    1. Haha, glad to hear you enjoy my shoe posts!
      I know how amazing are the lion king, it's unbelievable to think they are hand painted!
      The black boots are rather comfy from what I've found whilst trying them on.
      Hope you manage to get Christmas sorted in time!
      I've everything bought and wrapped all but my Mum's presents; just need to find time when she's not around lol. Xx

  2. Oh wow! Where did you find those lion king shoes! They are incredible. I just love unique pieces like that. Amazing and fabulous.

    1. Thank you Imogen. They're from a Facebook seller known as Totes Princess. She can paint virtually any design onto canvas shoes for an unbelievably affordable price! Xx


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