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Bye bye Granny hands - Salcura Skincare

Towards the end of last year I was contacted by a skincare brand named Salcura, asking if I was interested in reviewing some of the products they have to offer. To be honest, this offer couldn't have come at a better time (as you will see in the following pictures) and so was welcomed with open arms. 

Salcura provide natural Skincare for a range of troublesome skin problems such as Eczema, Dermatitis, Psorisis and Acne. Their products contain no artificial chemicals, peroxides, parabens or paraffin. None of the ingredients found in Salcura products are genetically modified, and they aim to be organic wherever possible. The only preservatives used are naturally sourced meaning there's no hidden nasties and only the best healthy skin promoting ingredients. 

Now, onto my Skincare problem. The nature of my job was taking its toll on my poor hands, leaving me with red, sore, dry, and cracked, often leading to bleeding knuckles :( I mentioned this problem to the guys at Salcura who then kindly offered to send me some of their products aimed at dry skin. 

When I received my parcel, I was simply overwhelmed at the mass of contents inside! in addition to the dry skin fighting products, I'd also been sent the entire Antiac range which helps fight blemishes and acne. Acne isn't a problem I suffer with but I certainly won't pass on a product that helps fight those nasty blemishes that like to rear their ugly head at the most unwelcoming of times. 

When I received these products, this was the state my hands were in...

not very attractive I'm sure you will agree. 

The products I've had most use for, from those I received, have been the Dermaspray Intensive, and the Zeoderm moisturiser. These are products that can be used in conjunction with one another for severe skin conditions such as mine; you first apply the spray which is followed by the cream. 
Both of these products are none greasy meaning they are perfect if you want to apply before bed time as there will be no nasty grease stains on your sheets. The spray is also amazing in that is simply sinks straight into the skin with no need for rubbing. Zeoderm is a thick pale green cream that also sinks into the skin with some gentle rubbing. One thing I will comment however, is that a little goes a long way and if you apply too much you can find the residue will leave your hands a little slippy. 

Due to the natural ingredients contained within these products, they do have a herbal smell which is rather intense. I find this to be quite pleasant however I will say that it may not to be everyone's taste. The Dermaspray has a particularly intense scent and I find that if I spray this in my room, the smell lingers for a good half hour; the perfect air freshened if the scent is for you!

All Salcura products come with a 30 day money back guarantee, therefore I took my "after pictures" after 30 days of using the product. I aimed to use the product around 3 times a day, however I didn't always remember to do so. However I was simply in awe of the results. 

Much better I'm sure you will agree! One thing I will say though, is how important it is to maintain the routine if you have a dry skin problem, once I seen results I became somewhat lapse with applications so did begin to see worsening of my skin, however picking up the routine again has begun to solve the problem. 

The rest of the products I was sent I haven't used as routinely as Zeoderm and the Intensive spray, however I thought I would give you a quick round up of my thoughts on each of them:

Hand hydrator/ Face hydrator/ Body hydrator - These products are less thick than the Zeoderm moisturiser which is understandable as Zeoderm is aimed at severe skin conditions, whereas these are more suited to every day use and are perfect for someone who wants a natural product to treat their skin to a bit of moisture. The products are non-greasy and sink straight into the skin. The face hydrator is perfect for a day cream as it doesn't leave you skin feeling greasy or looking shiny, which means it would also be perfect for wear under makeup without causing any slip. 

Antiac Daily face wash - The Antiac range consists of "Daily" and "Activ" products; with daily products aiming to maintain clear skin and reduce light blemishes and Activ products overcoming flare ups or moderate to severe acne. This wash, as the name suggests can be used daily to maintain clear skin and rid those dreaded black head. The wash itself is a green gel (I was expecting a cream texture for some reason) and has a lovely light herbal smell as the rest of the Salcura products. 

Antiac Daily face wipes - These were the one product I was the least impressed with however it was simply down to a personal choice. I found the wipes to be very "toning" and made my skin feel a little tight on occasions; for this reason I'd definitely avoid using them around the eye area. They were however, a very moist wipe. 

Antiac Activ Gel serum - Thankfully for me, breakouts occur on a rare occasion, but when they do occur it's usually a mountain of a zit. This product came in very handy when a huge boil reared it's ugly head: a bra rubbing on a very sore swollen boil is never a nice experience. This product aims to reduce redness and swelling within 4 hours and I can certainly say for me these claims were correct. A few application of this product meant my nasty boil had reduced greatly in size and soreness, within a 24 hour period. 

Antiac Activ Liquid Spray - this is the one product I haven't got around to using yet. Purely because I haven't had a need for it. This is applied in the same way as a toner in that it is swept over the skin after cleansing. I can imagine this to be a good product for in the summer; I often find that a slightly warmer climate can lead to the skin on my back feeling somewhat a little greasy which can often lead to the occasional blemish. 

All in all I can thoroughly recommend Salcura products, I will definitely have to repurchase Zeoderm once the tube I am using has been used up. Salcura products are available direct from the Salcura website where you can receive free p&p for orders over £30; they are also available from Boots. 

Thankyou again to Salcura for sending me all these wonderful products. I would add a disclosure that although I received the products for review my opinions are honest, however I think the before and after pictures illustrate how well these products worked for me!

Do you have any skin worries? Would you consider trying Salcura?

Charlotte. Xx

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